Sri Lanka Association In Sweden

Membership : Entitlement - Rights - Obligations

Please refer to section 5, 6 and 8 of Constitution.

Families are encouraged to take family membership. It includes husband, wife and children under 18.

Children turning 18 are encouraged to submit separate membership application.

Pay Membership Fees 2022

Membership fee for an individual is 150kr.

Membership fee for a family (Husband, Wife and Children under 18 years)  is 150 kr. 

Membership fees can be paid via SWISH (1235240734) or PlusGiro (949015-2).

Pay with SWISH (1235240734)

Scan this QR Code with Your Mobile Device

Pay with PlusGiro (949015-2)

Become a Member

You are welcome to submit either electronic version or paper version of the application. See instructions below.

Once the application is processed, the decision will be notified by the executive committee.

Paper Application

Print and fill in below paper application. Hand it over to executive committee.

Electronic Application

Fill in the electronic application and submit. 

Scan the QR code to access Application Form

Update Membership Directory

Members are encouraged to keep their contact information upto date. Please use following electronic form to update your contact details in membership directory.

Scan the QR code to access Application Form